Founded in January 2020 in continuity with CUREnCARE Research led by Hanlim Moon (MD/Ph.D.) since 2012, Connect Clinical Sciences (CCS) offers the best customized services for clients, to maximize the value of their assets and technologies through well thought out development strategies.
The foundation of our approach is built on deep understanding of and expertise in clinical development of drugs, diseases and the clinical practice; the philosophy of client-centered approach, in alignment with ultimate patient benefits.
Our expertise comes from the experience of around 34 years of clinical oncology and related basic sciences, 20 years in the pharmaceutical industry and related settings, and successful experiences in new drug development


The global pharmaceutical industry has been facing a crisis over the last two decades, characterized by skyrocketing de­velopment costs, high failure rates, and dwindling returns. In parallel, tectonic shifts in the healthcare landscape have taken place with numerous new biotech companies boldly launching innovative drug discovery programs including several hundreds in Korea.
The key factors for suc­cess in drug development include well thought-out development strategies, robust clinical development plans and sound project management. Setting up an innovative but feasible development strategy early on in product development and seamless project management by professionals with in-depth knowledge, specific competencies and real-world experience guarantee greater confidence in success and provide a clear guidance along the way for a company.


CCS provides professional consulting services specialized in pharmaceutical R&D, focusing on corporate R&D strategies, portfolio management, and asset development strategies for biotech and pharmaceutical companies. We help translate strategies into execution that leads to smooth transition to next phases. Our recommendations are based on rigorous analysis, in-depth research and an understanding of the gaps in drug development and unmet medical needs of patients.
We work on different models including project-base, retainer, virtual development team as a service, and Contract Clinical Development Organization (CCDO). 
CCS also wants to create a bridge that addresses gaps in organizational development capabilities and coordination, and differences between regions, ethnic groups and in standards of care (SOC). 
We work across geographical regions and different sizes of companies to deliver results that lead to organization effectiveness, study design improvement, and faster development.
CCS has an experienced team of Clinical Development Consultants with a strong network in various locations worldwide and in different functions, ready to assist you with services in all phases of clinical development.


•  Biotech companies
•  Pharmaceutical companies
•  Venture capitals
•  Academic centers with R&D projects

Chief Executive Officer

Hanlim Moon, M.D., Ph.D.

Hanlim is an experienced oncologist with a strong track record of clinical development with global pharmaceutical companies across continents. Hanlim previously worked for Sanofi, GSK and Mundipharma as the oncology medical lead for the region and global projects. Hanlim has developed many extended indications of oncology drugs where she worked – to specifically name one example, a ROS1 NSCLC indication of crizotinib as one of the partners and the clinical lead in OxOnc (NRDO). She has been an independent consultant since 2012.

Executive Director

Jeongeun Choi, R.Ph., Ph.D.

Jeongeun is experienced in the whole process of drug development including research, clinical development/operation, regulatory approval, licensing in/out and project management. Jeongeun previously worked for KIST, LSK PS, Boryung pharma, JW pharma, and KainosMedicine. Jeongeun has been involved in development of NCEs in various disease areas and one of the examples is fimasartan (Kanab®).

OUR EXPERIENCES (2017 - Present)


•  Over 10 multinational and domestic pharmaceutical companies
•  Over 45 biotech companies
 •  AI companies and others


•  Over 40 R&D Consulting, short term (mini-consulting, deep-dive consulting)
•  Over 25 R&D Consulting in continuity
•  Others (PM, SAB member, organizational support, etc.)